DIY Our Adventure Book cover Inspired from Disney Pixar Up

Recreate My adventure book into “Our Adventure book” from pixar movie UP as anniversary gift for my boyfriend to relive our memories being together for one year. it’s a great scrapbook cover ideas for couple anniversary, birthday , valentine, or any surprise gift for your loved one.

What you’ll need:
1. 2pc Cardboard 24x33cm ( or you can use unused shoes box/any thick boxes)
2. 2pc Brown Leather 30x34cm
3. 2pc Maroon Leather 18x30cm
4. 2pc Printed Art Paper
5. Double Tape
6. Acrylic Paint ( I use Reeves )
7. Leather Rope
8. Sticker
9. Cutting Mate
10. HVS Paper
11. Pencil
12. Ruler
13. Gold Marker ( I use Calligraphy Gold Marker )
14. Pen Knife
15. Cutter
16. Scissor
17. Cotton Bud
18. Toothpick
19. PVA Glue ( I used Fox Glue )
20. Dish Sponge & Fork

You can watch the entire step by step tutorial here:
 For cover fonts i use revees acrylic paints in orange, flesh tint,burnt amber, crimson, brilliant red, violet, and cerulean blue hue. 
You can put as many scrapbook page into this book since you can adjust your rope length.
 Photos by Kristina Liu



  1. I love this and want to try! What do you use for the inside pages?

    1. thank you! i use it for scrapbook , you can see it on my youtube channel :D

  2. I really loved your tutorial! Thanks a lot! I'm about to start mine in a few days! Just wondering if you have the font template? Or you made it by hand, I'm not good with typography haha. Thanks again!

    1. for the font i found it on google, you can just print it or trace the font :)

  3. Hi, your tutorial is pretty amazing.
    But I have a question... What size of page fit to this book? I´m not very good at Math..
    Thank you :)

  4. Where did you find does templates?

  5. hi! I completely loved it!! Just one question.. What was the art from the back cover?

  6. Where did you purchase the brown leather from? I'm having difficulties finding it online or in craft stores.

  7. Where did you purchase the brown leather? I am also having trouble finding it.

  8. mezcla rojo con un poco de verde o negro




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