Stacked Unicorn Poops

7 month exactly my older sister and cousin have been pregnant, my cousin natasha ask me to celebrate our sister pregnancy days, so we do baby shower dinner for them. my older had a baby girl and the other had baby girl, so we decide to make some pink and blue themed mini cake and a whole baby shower cake for them. I call them stacked unicorn poop mini cakes its a tie dye cake with vanilla buttercream filling.

 For this cake natasha help me make the cake and i decorate it, she is following a recipe from an instagramer and it turns out quite good, it has soft bouncy texture and not to sweet.

5pc egg yolks
1pc whole egg
40gr vegetable oil
85gr cooking cream
95gr flour
1/2tsp vanilla essence

3pc egg whites
1/4tsp salt
85gr castor sugar
1/4tsp cream of tartar or you can substitute with lime juice
pink and blue food colouring

  1. Preheat oven at 180C
  2. Mix all yolk ingredients
  3. Beat egg whites until foamy then add cream of tartar add in castor sugar and salt gradually until hard peak.
  4. Add egg white mixture into yolk mixture, fold gently until fully combined.
  5. Divide into 3 mixture, add the other 2 mixture with red and blue food colouring.
  6. Pour the batter randomly into greased and floured 25x25 square pans.
  7. Use toothpick swirl the batter, bake for 40minutes.
  8. Use cookie ring to stamp out 9 circles from the cake.
  9. Use round tip in plastic pipping squeeze white bloops of buttercream around the edge of the cake,repeat 2 times.
  10. For the top layer pipe 3 colours little bloops randomly.
  11. Enjoy!
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