Putu Mayang Donut with Palm Sugar Syrup

It’s October already! the weather outside still very hot, I think it should be in the rainy season already isn't it? 😕

This October i want to challenge myself to learn lots of Indonesian food, I rarely cook Indonesian food because my mom always cooks it, well not always actually, often, she loves to cook Chinese food more and if we go out for dinner my dad always asks to have dinner at cafe Betawi.😂

I’m gonna call it the #Indoctober challenge. Let's do it in a  fun way to discover Indonesian food and dessert since traditional food is slowly being forgotten.

So here's my first try its Putu Mayang, Putu Mayang is one of Batavian traditional dessert from Indonesia. This dessert made from rice flour and tapioca flour combined then served with palm sugar syrup. I made it into donut shapes just for fun originally it doesn't have any holes.

So heres the recipe

Ingredients :
200gr Rice flour
50gr Tapioca flour
300ml Coconut milk
1tbsp Sugar
1/2tsp salt
Food coloring ( i'm using dusty rose, mustard, and dark green colour)

For palm syrup:
180gr palm sugar
3tbsp sugar
500ml coconut milk
1/2tsp salt
1tbsp Cornstarch
5 pandan leaves

1. Put rice flour, tapioca flour, coconut milk, sugar, and salt into bowl mix well
2. Cook it on medium heat using wooden spoon until combined and sticky, let it cool.
3. Knead using hand until smooth then divided it into 4 different bowls.
4. Add food coloring into each bowl, knead until fully combined.
5. Put the mixture into putu mayang mold, then shaped it to your taste, I made donuts shapes :D
6. Steamed it for 8 minutes.

Palm syrups:
1. Mix all ingredients and cook it until boiling.
Enjoy :)



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