Marie Regal Layered Puding

Who doesn't know these nostalgic biscuits? Marie Regal Biscuits was very popular in the '90s era in my country especially Jakarta. Back then I always eat it soaked in a cup of milk and eat it like porridge, I will make it again later and post it here 😁 This biscuit hyped again but in a different form, in pudding form with Marie regal in it, layered with vanilla, chocolate, and plain agar-agar.
1pack marie regal biscuits
700ml water
1 sachet swallow agar-agar powder
6tbsp sugar
Milk Pudding:
500ml water
1 sachet swallow agar-agar powder
1/2 can condensed milk
5 egg yolks
80gr melted butter
3tbsp sugar
Chocolate Pudding:
1 sachet swallow chocolate agar-agar powder
700ml water
6tbsp sugar
Additional: you can add 3tbsp cocoa powder

1. Place Marie Regal Biscuit on the bottom of the pudding pan ( i use silicon pan ).

2. Mix agar-agar powder, sugar, and water in the saucepan then turn on the stove on medium heat, stir until boiling.

3. Gently pour the pudding into pudding pan using the soup spoon, just until regal biscuit covered.
4. Let cool in room temperature
Milk Pudding:
1. Whisk condensed milk, egg yolks, melted butter using whisker until incorporated, set aside.
2. Mix agar-agar powder, sugar, and water in the saucepan until boiling.
3. Pouring the pudding mixture into milk mixture slowly and whisk it using tempering egg method until all the mixture combined. ( you must whisk it very fast to prevent it from curdling )
4. put it on stove whisk it until boiling.
5. Gently pour it into the cooled pudding pan 3/4 halfway through. Let cool in room temperature.
Chocolate Pudding:
1. Mix Chocolate agar-agar powder, sugar, water, and cocoa powder, stir it until boiling.
2. Gently pour it into pudding pan until full. Let cool in room temperature for 5hours.
3. Slice and serve
Enjoy :)

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