Bite Sizes Lemper Ayam Sushi ( Glutinous Rice with shredded corriander chicken )

Sticky fluffy rice, sweet-savory shredded chicken and fragrant aromatic spices are what make this Lemper Ayam or glutinous rice with shredded chicken taste so good. You can find this anywhere of course in Indonesia especially traditional market. I made it in bite-sizes like sushi, traditionally it wrapped in banana leafs and baked.

:Lemper rice
500gr glutinous rice (soak in water overnight, the longer it soaked, the faster it will cooked, I soak it for 2days 😂)
500ml coconut milk
1pc lemongrass stalk (smash the lemongrass)
2pc bay leafs
1tbsp salt
4 pandan leafs
4pc kafir lime leafs

Filling shredded coriander chicken:
500gr chicken breast
3pc bay leafs 
3pc lime kaffir leafs
6pc garlic cloves
5pc candlenut
1tsp corriander
1/4tsp pepper
3tbsp oil 
1pc lemongrass stalk
2tbsp sugar
1tbsp salt
6tbsp coconut milk
6tbsp chicken stock

Pandan leafs or banana leafs 

Lemper Rice:
1. Prepare steamer on high heat, place the soaked glutinous rice on top, steam for 15minutes. (if you soak it just a few hours, steam it for 30minutes )
2. In a pan add coconut milk, lemongrass, bay leaves, salt, pandan leaves, and kafir lime leaves, cook in medium heat until boiling.

3. Add steamed glutinous rice to coconut milk mixture, mix it until incorporated, put it back on the steamer, steam for another 15minutes.

4. After cooked, set aside.

Filling shredded coriander chicken:

1. In a pot add water, lemongrass, bay leaf, lime kafir leaves, let it boil, after boiling add chicken breast, let it cook for 20minutes. Let it cool cut and shredding the meat. ( don't throw away the chicken stock)
2. Blend garlic clover, candlenut, coriander,pepper and add a little water so it blends easier in the blender.
3. In a pan heat oil, saute blended coriander mixture and lemongrass stalk, after a couple of minutes add shredded chicken, coconut milk, chicken stock, sugar, and salt, reduce the heat mix all the coconut milk is absorbed into the chicken. ( don't cook until dry, it should be a little soggy ). Let it cool, set aside.

Assembly the Lemper:
1. shape the glutinous rice into bite-size sushi shape, add the shredded chicken on top, wrap it with pandan leaves.
2. Serve and enjoy :)

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