Easy Oxtongue Soto Betawi

 This 👆my boyfriend favorite food, Its Soto Betawi with oxtongue meat, his mother often cook this to him, and she taught me now how to do it in eaassssyyyy way, the secret ingredients is bamboe instant seasoning 😂 its really easy and there is no msg in this instant seasoning, all good quality and fresh ingredients in it.

So here's my 2nd #Indoctober recipe, its Soto Betawi. You can find this comfort food from Indonesia from Sumatra until Papua and have lots of variation, you can use chicken, innards, lamb as the main meat, I'm using shank meats and ox tongue and milk for the broth.

1pc large Oxtongue
500gr beef shank meats
3 1/2 L water
3pc fresh tomatoes (diced)
200ml fresh milk (i'm using greenfields fresh milk)
3 bamboe instant seasoning
Salt to taste

Melinjo crackers
Fried onions
Sweet soy sauce to taste

1. Add oxtongue to boiling water, cook until soft, cover and simmer ±40minutes in presto pan. throw all the oxtongue broth, we're gonna use shank meats as our broth because oxtongue has a strong odor.
2. Add beef shank meats and bamboe instant seasoning to boiling water, cover and simmer for ±30minutes in presto pan
3. Pour milk and salt to taste. (usually, people use coconut milk for Soto Betawi, we used milk instead for healthier reasons and it last longer from spoiling because coconut milk are very sensitive and easy to spoil) 😅
3. Cut limes and  tomatoes
4. Transfer soup into a bowl and serves with rice and garnish it with fried onions, sweet soy sauce, melinjo crackers you can add spring onions too 😊
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