Klepon Cake Indonesian Infused Cake Recipe

In my country Indonesia now hits make traditional dessert into modern dessert, using the same ingredients, taste, and color but in a different form. I tried to make one of them, its Klepon, klepon have 3 main ingredients pandan, gula melaka, and coconut, it has chewy texture from glutinous rice flour and crunchy texture from shredded coconut. In my version or the modern one, I tried to make it into a cake form, its pandan cake, gula melaka syrup with buttercream, and shredded coconut in between the cake and buttercream.

Pandan ogura cake (I'm using tintinrayner recipe)
Egg yolks mixture :
5pc egg yolks
1pc whole egg
 40gr canolla oil
80gr coconut milk
1tsp pandan paste
85gr cake flour ( shifted )

Egg white mixture:
5pc egg whites
80gr caster sugar ( shifted )
1/4tsp cream of tartar or 1sdt lemon juice

Gula melaka syrup:
100ml water
100gr Gula melaka

Italian meringue melaka buttercream:
100gr sugar
100gr melaka sugar
100ml water
180gr egg whites
400gr unsalted butter
1tsp vanilla extract

Shreeded coconut
Pandan leaves

Pandan Ogura Cake
1. Preheat oven 170C. Place a tray of water at the lowest rack.
2. Mix all egg yolks mixture using whisker until well combined.
3. Using standmixer, beat eggs until foamy, add cream of tartar, add sugar gradually until reach soft peak.
4. Add egg white mixture into egg yolks mixture in 3 separate additions, fold gently using spatula until fully combined.
5. Pour the batter into the pan for 50 minutes or until toothpick came out clean.

Gula Melaka syrup
1. Cook gula melaka and water until dissolved and thick.

Italian Meringue melaka buttercream
1. In a small saucepan add sugar and water to a boil, boil until syrup reach soft ball stage or 117C on a candy thermometer.
2. In an electric mixer beat egg whites until stiff and foamy.
3. Beat on high, pour the sugar syrup gradually at the side of the bowl after that add gula melaka syrup. Beat until steam no longer visible aroung 10-15minutes.
4. Beat in butter a few piece at a time, add vanilla extract, keep beating until smooth.

Arrange the cake:
1. Put 1st layer pandan cake on cake board.
2. Brush gula melaka syrup into cake  using pastry brush.
3. Use plastic pipping squeeze in the frosting in an even layer over the cake.
4. Sprinkle shreeded coconut evenly over the top of the frosting
5. Repeat 2 times.
6. Decorate top and side cake with buttercream and gula melaka or pandan leaves
7. Enjoy :)
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